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Sushila Takbhoure

Dr. Sushila Takbhoure is fifth child among seven brothers and sisters. From childhood onwards she was very interested in studies but because of poverty her parents was not able to afford even pen and notebook for her. Therefore after 11th standard her parents decided to stop her education. In protest of her parent’s decision she started strike and demand for continue her education. Sushila decline to eat even single bite of food and she survive on only water for full three days. When she fell sick because of no food her mother somehow manage to collect money for fees and finally she broke her strike after completion of admission process. In this way Sushila started her life struggle and deal with all difficulties comes in her education. For Sushila education was more important than her life. From childhood onwards Sushila knew about fact that she is not everyone else in her class. She belong to Schedule Cast and she can’t drink and eat with other upper class girls. Even sometimes riksha driver did not allow her to sit, therefore she used to walk many time from school to home and home to school. Sushila’s behavior was quite introvert from childhood she didn’t talk much therefore she use to express her feeling, her expression, and her opinion in words on paper. Small incidents of poverty, incidents of humiliation because of cast, incidence of difficulty she faced because of her female gender, all these incidents took strong impact on her heart and her life. And sushila started to show her thoughts, her feeling, and her anger through her writing.

Sushila started to write poems during school, and those poems got published in 1993 in form of poetry book with title ‘ Swati Boond Or Khare Moti’. 1993 onwards she continue her writing on Dalit, Feminism and Society. Poetry book ‘ Yah Tum Bhi Jano’(1994) and ‘Tumne Use Kab Pehchana’(1997) are based on feminism and social awareness of dalit and women in Society. ‘Sanghrash’(2006) left strong impact on all readers. In 2011 Sushila’s autobiography got published ‘Shikanje Ka Dard’, it is first autobiography by Hindi mother-toung writer. Her autobiography makes her well-known person among her readers from all over country. ‘Shikanje Ka Dard ’ is included in various college and university syllabus. All these book are highly appreciated and demand by all readers from all over country. Sushila worked as lecturer in Hindi at Seth Kesarimal Porwal Junior College Kamptee(Maharashtra) which is 26 kilometer away from her house. She used to travel through two bus tow auto riksha. Sometimes when she would have been unable to get auto or riksha she use to walk for long distance also. Sushila having three daughters and one son. It was really very challenging for her to manage four children, household work, family-relative, teaching job and writing (which is her sole). She used to Leave home at 9 a.m. for job and reach home back around 6.30 p.m. After everyone’s diner when everyone went to sleep Sushila used to switch-on her table lamp around 11 p.m. and start writing up till 3 a.m. and sometime 4 a.m. In this way Sushila continued her writing and deal with all obstacle comes in her way and become successful in establishing her own place in society and writing.

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06. Amravti University B.A. Syllabus

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Sushila Takbhoure
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